“Over the Shoulder” Nothing Held Back Case Study…

“Get A Behind The Scenes Look At The Entire Process Involved In Setting Up A Profitable Video Ads Campaign From Start to Finish…”

This Offer Closes In

Just a glimpse of the results this campaign brought in…

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Join in and follow along step by step as you learn the ins and outs of setting up a profitable YouTube Ads campaign from scratch…

  • Training #1: Research and Scripting
In the first live training we will be breaking down our niche, doing the research, breaking down products to promote, and mapping out our campaign.
This process is essential for achieving a positive ROI.
  • Training #2: Pre-Campaign and Technical Setup
Before we deploy our ads we need to make sure everything is set up correctly so that we can know how well our ad is performing.
In this live training we will be setting up conversion tracking, retargeting, CTA's on the Ad, and taking care of everything you must have in place before opening the traffic flood gates!


  • Training #3: Ad Setup
The time has come to reap the benefits of our hard work and set up our first ad. This is when everything we did in the first 2 trainings will come together and start to produce results.
You'll get to watch over my shoulder as I setup a few ad campaigns for the product we will be promoting and ask any questions you may have along the way!
  • Training #4: Analyzing and Optimizing
The traffic is flowing and we are starting to see sales come in but there is still work to do…
In this training we will be diving into the data that we have from running a few thousand views through our video and start trimming the fat and shifting our budget to the targeting groups that are really performing for us.
This is where winning campaigns are made!


Follow Along Live!

You are going to get to watch over my shoulder as I set up a campaign from start to finish. You'll see the good, the bad, and the ugly so that you can see everything (not just the good parts) that goes into setting up a profitable campaign!

Answers to All Your Questions!

I'll be answering any questions related to the training via email and when you pick this up you will get access to that so all of your questions will be answered!

Just a Few Results From Students That Have Put My Tools and Trainings To Use…

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Disclaimer: We are in no way associated with YouTube or Adwords. Both YouTube and Adwords are trademarked by Google.

Refund Policy: Since this is all taught live there is a 7 day refund policy on this live training. If you aren't satisfied with the first training I'll happily refund your purchase.

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